All terms you need to know about reliance car insurance policy:

What is Reliance Car Insurance? An insurance policy that protects you from financial loss if your car is damaged by events like accident, theft, natural and man-made calamity, is known as car insurance. It is also known as auto or motor insurance. Reliance General Insurance is a well-known insurance company in India. It provides various … Read more

List of Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in India

List of Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in India: Life insurance plans are provided by life insurance companies. Life insurance is a type of agreement between an individual and an insurance company whereby the insurance company provides death benefits to the family of the insured if the life insured dies during the policy term. Before … Read more

What is Medical Insurance and its benefits?

Medical Insurance Policy is a contract between the insurer and the policyholder where the insurance company helps the insured to meet the medical expenses. A health policy provides the benefit of reimbursement of medical expenses or cashless treatment for an illness or accidental injury. What is medical insurance? Medical insurance is a type of insurance … Read more

What is car insurance and its types?

What is car insurance: Car insurance is a vehicle insurance policy that protects the insured car and four wheeler owners from any risk and damage that may lead to financial loss. A car insurance policy is a contract between an insurance company and a car owner that provides protection on the road against any financial … Read more

What is Corporate Health Insurance?

What is Corporate Health Insurance: Corporate health insurance policy refers to the type of insurance policy that is designed for the employees of an organization. The policy provides coverage for expenses in case of health emergency, accidents, financial loss and more.  Considering the rising numbers of start-ups or SMEs in India, it is becoming increasingly … Read more

Common Health Insurance Terms You Should Know About:

Common Health Insurance Terms You Should Know About: 1. Sum Insured: Sum Assured is the maximum amount that your health insurance company is liable to pay for hospitalization. If the cost of your medical treatment exceeds the sum insured chosen by you, you will have to pay the amount in excess of the sum insured … Read more

Types Of Life Insurance Policy-

Types Of Life Insurance Policy: Today a person has many options to choose from when it comes to financial planning. Most people focus on the wealth creation aspect and compromise on the security element. Life insurance should be the first step in financial planning in view of rising inflation, lifestyle changes and moving to nuclear … Read more

What are the benefits of life insurance?

We often overlook the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking out insurance thinking that we don’t need it. But a sudden accident or mishap brings us to the realization that life may end for us without ever giving any signs or clues. What happens then? Our dependents have to face liabilities like rent, loan, EMI, child expenses etc … Read more

What is Common Terminologies Under Term Insurance?

What is Common Terminologies Under Term Insurance: Before deciding to buy a term insurance plan, it is important to understand what a term insurance policy is. There are certain terms and conditions associated with term insurance that can confuse investors. Here are some common terms related to term insurance plans that will help you make … Read more