All terms you need to know about reliance car insurance policy:

What is Reliance Car Insurance?

An insurance policy that protects you from financial loss if your car is damaged by events like accident, theft, natural and man-made calamity, is known as car insurance. It is also known as auto or motor insurance.

Reliance General Insurance is a well-known insurance company in India. It provides various types of insurance policies. It offers a wide variety of options to the car insurance policy customers. Through Reliance Car Insurance policy, you can protect your car from any damage. Whether natural or man-made or any financial liability by any third party. Reliance car insurance policy keeps you free from all kinds of liability.

Reliance Car Insurance also gives you the option to add additional add-on covers. Through this you can opt for additional coverage for your car. However, you have to pay an additional premium for adding these add-on covers. Also, Reliance General Insurance caters to all the needs of its customers quickly and effectively. Its customer service facility is also very fast and of high quality.

Reliance Car Insurance Policy Types:

There are three types of car insurance policies offered by Reliance General Insurance. These three types of Reliance car insurance policy are as follows-

1. Reliance Third Party Car Insurance 

In India, you need to have at least one third party car insurance to drive your car on the road. It has been made a legal liability as per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. Therefore, any person who owns a vehicle is legally required to have at least one third party car insurance.

The first party refers to the policyholder while the second party is the insurance company and the third party is the one who makes the claim for the damages. In other words, if there is an accident by your car then you will be considered as the first party, whereas the front will be considered as the third party and we consider the insurance company who pays the sum insured as the second party.

Reliance Third Party Car Insurance keeps you free from financial liability for damages caused to third parties. In this, if the third party suffers injury or death or disability, then all the compensation is done by the insurance company to the third party. This compensation amount is decided by the court which the insurance company has to pay to the third party. The drug amount can be up to 100% if the third party dies or becomes completely disabled due to an accident.

 2. Reliance Standalone Own-Damage Car Insurance Policy

Reliance Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance Policy cover is also provided by Reliance General Insurance. This type of insurance is not legally mandatory. This insurance policy can be a good option for people who want to protect their car from damage caused by other means. Through this policy, the policyholder provides you complete financial protection in case of road accidents, theft, riots, damage caused due to natural and man-made calamities, etc.

3. Reliance Comprehensive Car Insurance

Most of the people opt for a third party car insurance policy only because it is affordable and legally mandated. But you should go with a comprehensive car insurance policy to get comprehensive coverage. The Reliance Comprehensive Car Insurance policy offered by Reliance General Insurance serves to provide complete protection to your car from liabilities of self as well as third parties.

In a way, a Reliance Comprehensive Car Insurance policy works to provide you with the benefit of all types of car insurance coverage. Whether it is third party insurance or own damage insurance or any other type. Through Reliance car insurance policy, you can also add add-on cover which gives you additional coverage benefits for your car like roadside assistance etc.

What are the benefits of Reliance Car Insurance? 

No Claim Bonus – 

No Claim Bonus is provided to you if you take a Reliance Car Insurance policy and do not file any claim during the policy term. In this, you are offered a discount of up to 5% on the premium.

Claim Process- 

The drug process of Reliance Car Insurance is quite simple. You can also complete your medicine process through online mode or through video call.

Claim Settlement- 

The claim settlement of Reliance Car Insurance is also quite high. It settles the claims made by its customers in less time.


 Reliance Car Insurance offers you the option to add a variety of add-ons. You can avail additional coverage for your car through these add-ons. However, you have to pay an additional premium for adding the add-on cover.

Third Party Damage Cover- 

Third Party Reliance Car Insurance covers loss caused to any third party. In this, the insurance company bears all kinds of financial responsibility to the third party. Taking a third party insurance policy has been made mandatory in India through the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. If you are caught driving without a third party insurance policy, you will have to pay a fine.

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Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy-

 A comprehensive car insurance policy provides a comprehensive protection to your car. Plus you can add a variety of add-on covers to it. Any damages to your car or third party liabilities all types of facilities are provided in this policy.

Cashless Network Garage- 

You can avail cashless repair by getting your car repaired at Reliance Car Insurance’s Network Garage. You do not have to pay any kind for this. In this, online payment is made directly to the garage by the insurance company.

What is covered in Reliance car insurance policy?

  • any expenses incurred to repair or replace any damage to your car caused by an accident,
  • Loss due to natural calamities (from flood, typhoon, hurricane, tsunami, lightning, earthquake, landslide etc.),
  • Loss due to man-made calamities (riots, sabotage etc.),
  •  car theft,
  • personal accident cover,
  • Third-party legal liability.

Reliance car insurance add-on cover:

Reliance Car Insurance also provides you the facility to add add-on cover to your car insurance policy. We will discuss here some of the add-on covers offered by Reliance Car Insurance.

1. Zero Depreciation Cover: 

Zero Depreciation Add-on gives you the advantage of providing a complete cover without reducing the cost of depreciation of any part of your car except tyres, tubes and battery.

2. No Claim Bonus Retention:

 A discount given to policyholders for not making any claim during the policy term.

3. Consumables Cover:

 It offers compensation for any damage caused by car consumable parts and accessories such as engine oil, nuts and bolts, washers, grease, etc.

4. Engine Cover:

 Engine cover add-ons can get compensation by the insurance company for the expenses incurred due to repair of damaged engine parts and gearbox parts.

5. Key Protect Cover: 

This add-on cover compensates you for the amount you receive a duplicate key in case your key goes missing.

6. Daily Allowance Benefit:

 If your car is being repaired at the insurance company’s network garage and the repair takes more than 3 days and you only need to travel by car, then this add-on cover will be added to your daily allowance. will give compensation for ,

7. Car EMI Protection: 

This covers the EMI of your car.

8. Electrical/Electronic Accessories:

Can get compensation for the expenses incurred on repair of electrical/electronic fittings in the car.

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What is not covered in Reliance car insurance policy?

There are also certain circumstances in which a Reliance car insurance policy can get your insurance claim rejected. Now we will go through the circumstances in which your insurance claim can be rejected by a car insurance policy.

  • drink driving,
  • driving a car without a license,
  • depreciation,
  • Damage due to negligence (such as driving on a waterlogged road),
  • breach of any terms or conditions,
  • Common wear and tear of car parts,
  • mechanical or electrical breakdown,
  • Loss caused by war or nuclear exposure.

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