Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Searching in Google to Get Accurate Results

Many times when we search in Google, the one we search about shows less and more redundant results. Actually, it is our fault too, we search according to the search engine rules. Due to which Google bot does not understand and it starts showing us different results. That is why in this post we are going to tell you some tricks to search in Google. With which you can get information about work without wasting time.

In today’s time it is so easy to use the Internet, its full credit goes to Google. Right now even the child is able to use the internet and even any goth can use Google now. If I want to get deep information about anything, then we also use Google. It has been found from research that when 35% of the users in the whole world use the internet, they first visit Google. That’s why Google is the largest search engine in the world.

When you search on a topic in Google, then millions of results show there. It is not necessary that all the websites have correct information, that is, in many websites on the internet, people write wrong information with their mind without doing research. Google strongly hates such people and does not want to bring such websites in the search result and when Google filters such sites, mistaking many of the right sites in it, Google does not show them in the search result quickly. This is the reason that sometimes when we search in Google, it often happens that the wrong result is shown there.

Google is trying to make itself better. He wants his users to get 100% correct information first on searching. That is why you would know that regular Google updates happen and new futures are also added to it.

Now such a time is also coming that such websites will be negligible in Google which provides fake or copyright information. While still the terms of Google are so strong but still sites providing fake and copyright information in Google show up on top. Because of these bad websites, the users of Google have to face a lot of difficulties. If it has ever happened to you that about which you have searched in Google, then its result is not shown but other useless results show, then we are telling you some tips and tricks below. With the help of which you can get exact information.

15 Tips and Tricks to Search Correct Information in Google:

1: Search Specific Websites:

Many times it happens with us that we read a post on some website and when we need that post later, we do not get it soon even after searching. If the same thing happens to you then this future is best for you. You can also search any post of any one website in Google. If you type the URL of the site, then only that site will be in the search result.

For this, first you visit Google and type this in the search box. Type and the title or any keyword of the site about which you want to search and try searching. If we tell you in simple terms, then first of all the site: after that the URL of the site in which the information is to be searched, and then by giving space, type the information about which you want to search in that site.

2: Find Website Total URLs Indexed in Google:

If you have a blog and you have submitted it to Google, then you must have thought that how many URLs of your blog are indexed in Google, how to find out? Then this trick is useful for you. You can easily find out how many URLs of a site are indexed in Google.

For this, visit Google and type in the search box. That is, site: and after that type the URL address of your site and search. After searching, there will be About [number of URL indexed in Google] results at the top. That is, the number after About, the same URL of that site will be indexed in Google.

3: Find Similar Website:

If you like a website and you want to find another website similar to it, then Google can help you for that too. You can also find out through this trick that there is another website similar to the topic on which your site is.

For this, you visit Google and type (type the URL of the site in in the search box and search. Now in the search result you will get a similar website show like it. You can also see in the screenshot that here I have searched so here it is telling similar search engine from Google

4: Obtain More Info About a Website:

If you visited any website and you could not find out on which topic the website is. So you can get information about any website in Google. For this, you have to search (in place of, type the URL of the site about which you want to get information) and search in the google search box.

5: Get the Definition of a Word:

If you do not know the exact meaning of a specific word, then you can find out its exact meaning in Google. You can also find out the complete definition of a word. For this, you have to visit Google and type define Word in the search box (in place of the word, type the definition of which you want to know) and search. If you want to know the Hindi meaning of a word, then meaning in hindi: word (Write the word whose meaning you want to know in place of the word) and search. You will know its exact meaning.

6: Safe Search:

If a child or someone else uses your computer, then this is a very good future for you. If you want that when someone searches in google, then sites like porn, nude are not shown, then for this you enable Safe mode. With this, your computer child will also use it, then there is no problem.

7: Search Specific Title:

If you are searching for a specific title in Google, and its exact result is not showing, then this is a useful trick for you. When you search in Google using this method, you will get the same result that you are looking for. For this, when you search in Google, you can search intitle:Title (by writing your title in the title) in the search box.

8: Special Information:

Many times it happens that we have to know deep information about something, that is, its complete information, then for this you can get information about something by searching in Google. For this, you have to add question marks (” “) in the first and last. Like you see in the screenshot below.

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9: Show Only Recently-Published Results:

When we search in Google, there are both new and old results shown, but many times it happens that we only need new results, then you can do Google filter for this. With which you can also know the results of recently published posts.

For this, when you search about something in Google, there is an option of Tools, click on it and there will be any time in the bottom, by clicking above, select the past week or according to you. When you select the past week, only the results updated before last week will be shown. You can also see in the above screenshot that I followed the same process and all the results shown here have been updated before 7 days.

10: Quickly Check the Weather:

Do you want to know how much the temperature is in your city today, so you can easily find out through Google. This will tell you the exact temperature. For this, you have to visit Google and type Weather and by giving space, type city name or zip code and search. You can see the result is in front of you.

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