What is AutoBlogging? | A complete Information

What is AutoBlogging: Auto blogging was being discussed in social media for some time now. Many people do not know what is auto blogging and some people had also massaged me, so that is why I am going to tell you in this post what is auto blogging and what are its advantages and disadvantages? If you have not heard about it before, then read this post from beginning to last so that you can get a better idea about it.

If you are a blogger and you do many things other than blogging. Due to which you do not get time to manage your blog, then we are going to tell you about a very important thing for you. We are going to tell about autoblogging in this post. In short, you do not even have to visit your blog and new posts will be updated automatically in your site regularly.

There are very few bloggers who know about autoblogging but it has already started long ago. In my case, I have found out about it recently. If you also do not know about it, then keep reading this post carefully. Next we are going to tell you what is auto blogging and we will also tell you its advantages and disadvantages. We hope that after reading this post all the questions related to auto blogging will be over.

What is AutoBlogging?

Just as it is clear from its name that Auto Blogging will mean Automatic Blogging. If this is your guess too, then your guess is absolutely correct. In this, you have to setup auto blogging once and after that your site will get automatic new content update from rss of any other site. All its work is done by software or plugin.

We have told you that if the content from any other site will be updated in your site, then it must have come to your mind that this content will be considered as copyright! So let me tell you that when you use any autoblogging software or plugin, it will also have the option of content editing. If you edit the content a little, then copyright will not be considered. Along with this, I also want to tell you that it puts the post from the feed of the site and gives credit to that site. Due to which the limitation of copyright is reduced.

If your blog is in Blogger and you want to do auto blogging, then for this you have to set up from IFTTT site. We will talk about it in the coming post. If you want to start autoblogging in a WordPress blog, then you have to get good hosting for this. Because regular new posts will be published in your blog, then first of all you should take some good hosting. After this you can use WP RSS Aggregator plugin to enable autoblogging.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of AutoBlogging:

Advantages of Auto Blogging:―

  • Its best thing is that you do not have to do much and automatic posts will be published in its blog.
  • Regular post updates will be done on your site.
  • When there will be regular content updates in your site, then the Google Ranking of your site will increase.
  • When good traffic starts coming to your site, then you can earn money in many ways.
  • If you do not have time then this is the best for you. Because you will not have to write a post but it will come automatically.

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Disadvantages of Auto Blogging:―

  • If your site comes in the eyes of Adsense then your Adsense account may be suspended.
  • Content will be copied from other blogs on your site.
  • Your site can also be penalized by Google.
  • Your site’s SEO ranking will not increase.
  • If your blog is on Blogger, then your account can also be closed if someone reports.
  • When your readers come to know that your content is duplicate, they will not make the mistake of visiting your site again.

Now that you have come to know what Auto Blogging is and what are its advantages and disadvantages, then you can decide for yourself whether you should use it in your blog or not.