10 Ways to Recycle Old Blog Posts

10 Ways to Recycle Old Blog Posts: If there are many posts in your blog but still you are not getting enough traffic, then the biggest reason for this is that the old posts of your blog have expired. In this post, we are going to tell you how to recycle old content in the blog? For this I will tell you some ways. With which you can increase traffic to old posts on your blog.

According to marketing data, more than 20 lakh posts are published on the internet every day and they are read by many people. If you are also a blogger then you have to always keep your blog posts fresh. If you don’t do this then you are making a big mistake.

As your blog grows, so do many articles in your blog. In which there are many old posts and it is very important to update them. If you want to keep maintaining your blog in the proper way, then it is necessary to update the old article.

All the articles in your blog have some kind of good information. Many people may not be able to see the post of your blog once after reading it, but many regular visitors also see the old article of your blog from time to time. If you keep updating your old articles from time to time, then it will be of great benefit.

Google also says that the old posts of your blog should be updated timely. So that he can give fresh information to his users. With this, the search ranking of the old content of your blog will continue to increase. Also very good for your readers.

In this post, we are going to tell you how to get pageviews in old posts? For this, I will tell you the ways, so that you can easily recycle old posts. Before that let’s know that

Why is it Important to Recycle Old Blog Posts?

There is a lot of great information in our blog. Some articles are evergreen but there are some articles which are of no use after some time. We have to recycle them from time to time.

For example, you wrote a post related to Adsense long ago and you also used a screenshot in it. After some time Adsense changed the look of its dashboard. Now you have to replace the new screenshot in the post as well as make many changes in it.

If there are many posts in your blog but you will not update your old posts, then gradually both the traffic and ranking of your blog will decrease. If the post has not been updated for a long time, then google always shows it below in the search result.

If you want to improve the traffic and search ranking of your blog, then for this you have to keep updating the old posts of your blog. It has many more benefits.

10 Ways to Recycle Old Blog Posts:

1. Don’t create New posts, Update Old posts

Many people think that it is better to update the old post than to write a new post on the same topic. But it doesn’t help. You must have seen many big bloggers that instead of writing a new article in their blog, they update their old articles first.

We are telling you this because your old post is already ranked and it also has many backlinks. Due to which it does not take much time to rank them in the search engine. If you write a new post then it will take a lot of time to rank it.

2. Interlink Within New Articles:

When writing a new post, it is very important to add links to old posts related to it. It improves search ranking and it is also very good for web crawlers. Along with this, readers find it easy to read other similar posts and they are able to spend more and more time in our blog.

When you write a post, search for such words in it which are relevant to your old articles. In that you have to add an interlink.

You all must know about Neil Patel, there are many posts in his blog and every one of his posts has 10 to 12 internal links. Similarly, if you also want to increase the ranking of your post, then this is a very important point.

3. Use Newsletter Properly:

If you use a newsletter in your blog, then you not only have to share the link of new posts to your subscribers, but from time to time you also have to share old, updated and interesting posts. And you will trust me that the subscribers who read your mail regularly will not ignore it. This is a very good method by which you can drive traffic in old articles.

If you use any paid service for email lists, then you will get many options. With which you can easily know which emails have higher click rate. And you can also drive traffic in your old articles by sending them good old articles.

4. Reshare On Social Media Channels:

A good blogger knows the power of social media well and can never underestimate it. You have to share not only the latest articles in social media but also share your old posts and capture the attention of the users.

If you do not like to use social media more, then you can do auto posting in social media using many free services and plugins. But even for this, first you have to create your value in social media. So that people want to read your post.

5. Create Slides and Upload on ShareSlide:

This is an extra way for you, by which you can drive traffic to your blog. ShareSlide is a very popular slide sharing website. Which millions of people use and many bloggers also get traffic to their blog from it.

It does not take much time to make a good slide and you do not even need to learn it. All you have to do is make a slide and upload it. Apart from backlink, you will also get traffic from this.

6. Create Videos and Upload to YouTube:

This point is also similar to the point mentioned above. You can make a simple video of your articles. By uploading these videos on a big platform like youtube, you can drive traffic to the blog. Also you can generate extra income from it.

Actually, I know many big bloggers who write posts in their blogs and also upload videos on youtube on the same topic. Due to this people do not understand well in the post, then they definitely understand after watching the video. First of all, readers get help from this, as well as you will get traffic as well as extra income.

If you want to earn online income seriously then I would suggest you do not miss youtube along with blogging. Because through this too many people have become hero from zero. Maybe you will get a better response in youtube and you will start benefiting more in youtube than blogging.

7. Write an Ebook:

All the popular blogs on the Internet create and sell ebooks. If you also have a large audience, then you can also sell the ebook in your blog and you can easily recycle your old posts from it.

I would like to tell you that in the niche your blog is in, write an ebook on the same. If you write on any other topic, then you will not be able to sell much. Like if you write seo related posts in your blog, then you will have to write an ebook on the same only then people will buy it.

If you are writing to sell ebooks, then you have to give some very good information which is not already available on the internet. If someone buys it, then they can benefit by reading it. If you want, you can interlink from the relevant posts of your blog in the middle of the ebook.

8. Create an FAQ Page:

Often, you will see in big websites that there is a FAQ page, in which the list of questions asked by most of the people is made and it is answered. So that when someone visits the site for the first time, he/she can easily get answers to common questions.

You also have to add some common questions to your blog by creating a FAQ page and you have to answer the punishment through old posts. For example, if there is a question and you have already given its answer in a post, then simply you have to add the link of that post. In this way you will be able to drive traffic in your old post.

9. Show Recommended Articles below Post:

If you scroll down in my blog, you will see related posts shown below. This is a very simple widget. You can also catch the attention of readers in old articles by adding this to your blog.

If you use the genesis theme then you can add this widget to your blog even without a plugin. I have also written a post for this. Another way is that you can use a good plugin like Yet Another Related Posts plugin.

10. Create a Top posts lists:

This is also a smart way, by which you can recycle old articles from your blog. You must have also seen in many blogs that there are regular lists of some top posts. With this, he creates attention for his readers on old posts, so that he is able to drive the audience. Similarly, you also decorate your blog from time to time by preparing a list of some good old posts and sharing it. You can recycle your old content in a very simple way.

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All these tips will help in improving traffic and ranking by recycling old posts in your blog. Apart from this, I would also like to tell you that join the forums. In this, you can find the questions related to your old article and add the link as an answer in it. Similarly, wherever you get a chance, you have to keep promoting your old post.

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