What is SEO and how to do SEO? | A complete beginner guide

Every blogger wants his blog to have a lot of traffic, but unless he knows what SEO is and how it works, bringing traffic to the blog can be a big challenge. Without knowing what is SEO  and what is its full form or without using this technique, you cannot be successful in blogging. If you also want to know what is SEO and how to do SEO, then you read the post completely, after that you will not need to read any other SEO related post. So before understanding in detail, let us know what is SEO after all?

The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization and it is a technique with the help of which we rank our posts in the top position on the first page of any search engine. It is the goal of all bloggers to get the first position in search engines like Google and bring maximum traffic to their blog.

But after some time, despite working so hard, when the visitors of the page on the blog are zero, then the desire to know in their mind also arises that what is this search engine optimization, why is it necessary and how? There are not many articles available in Hindi language about this topic, that’s why we will give you complete information on this topic for you through this post.

You understand that just as there are crores of stars in the sky, in the same way there are crores of websites on the internet. People only know or recognize the website which is famous by the brand name or which the search engine keeps above in the result page. You would also like that whatever page you have on your blog should make it to the first place of Google. That is why let us know what SEO means and how to do it.

What is SEO?

The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This is a technique using which the post of the website is placed on the first page of the search engine No. Achieve #1 rank.

This is a technique using which we optimize the post written on our blog so that it ranks in the top position in the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. You are reading this post because it has reached you only because of SEO. So now be sure that you are at the right place.

I will give you every information about this technique. By which you will get every information that will answer every question related to SEO that you are looking for. In the beginning, a new blogger does not have any idea about this.

But gradually the new blogger comes to know the importance of this word and also understands that there is no benefit in blogging without search engine optimization. If a blogger is not aware of this, then the blog of that blogger will simply be lost in the internet and will not reach the people.

For example, let’s say that there are many stars in the sky, but we recognize the ones that give more light or are closer to us. If we know optimization well then we can make our blog or website 1 No. Can rank on position. If we do not do Search Engine Optimization, our website or blog will not be visible anywhere in the result page of Search Engine.

Let us understand it with the help of an example. Suppose I want to get information about Pen from Google, then I will search “What is Pen” Now Google will show all the blogs related to the word Pen in the search result. In this, we will see many different websites who have written posts about Pen. So as we have human nature, we will open that website or blog which will be at number 1st.

If we do not get satisfaction from the information in that, then by opening the blog of 2nd and 3rd number, we will extract information about the pen. The search engine optimization of the blog which is at number 1 in this search result is the strongest, only then it is ranking at No 1. position. There are chances of getting more traffic by staying ranked on the first position and earning is also very good.

Full Form of SEO?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

We all know what Google is, it is the most used search engine in the world. Apart from Google, Bing and Yahoo are also other search engines that are used. After doing Search Engine Optimization, we rank our website in search engines.

Why is SEO important?

The purpose of creating any blog or website is to make it accessible to the people. Creating a blog or website is a different thing and making it accessible to the people is a completely different thing.

Suppose we made a website or blog after working very hard. We have also written many posts in it. And we didn’t do anything for SEO. Then the search engine will never show our blog in its results. Now you must have understood that if your blog or website has to be shown to the people, then it will have to be shown in the search engine results and search engine optimization will have to be done to show it in the search engine.

The better the knowledge about this technology, we will be able to reach our website or blog to more people. The more people who see our blog or website, the higher our revenue will be. This technique is very easy if we understand it well. Then we just have to work on the blog by following this technique in a systematic way. With this, we can rank our post or article on Google in very few days.

Every blogger wants to rank his post or article in the top 10 first. Because you must have noticed that when someone searches for some information in Google, he takes information from the first page itself. He doesn’t even need to go to another page. Tell me, how often do you go to the second page of Google?

To understand this topic better, we have to understand some more factors one by one, which will make our knowledge of Search Engine Optimization stronger.

How does a search engine work?

The word search engine comes in the name of this i.e. “Search Engine Optimization”. So first of all we do not have to know what a search engine is. We need a medium to extract any information online.

Although everything is available on the internet, it is like finding a single star among crores in the sky. So the search engine is the medium between us and the countless websites that search for any information and show it in front of us.

The algorithm is set in the search engine. Which removes different information by selecting it from among so many websites. So the websites which have search engine optimization, they show them in the same ranking. Google is the most popular search engine. Apart from this, there are other search engines like bing, yahoo and yandex etc.

What is SERP?

SERP means Search Engine Result Page. When we search for a keyword in Google or any other search engine, it shows all the results in its page. The page that comes up when you search is called Search Engine Result Page. The results that come on the search engine result page, on the basis of the list, there are 2 types of listing in it.

  • Organic listing
  • Inorganic Listing

1. Organic Listing

Organic listing is the listing in which we come to the search engine’s result page without spending any money.

But for this we have to do search engine optimization. Organic listing is the best because we keep getting regular traffic from it.

2. Inorganic Listing

When we come to Google’s result page after spending money, we call this Inorganic listing. This listing is not stable, that is, as long as we keep giving money to Google, only then we can come to the result page.

Types of SEO:

So far we have known what SEO is and why it is important. After this we talk about how this is done. When the website becomes a blog, then its optimization starts. That is, even before publishing the post, work on it starts. Nowadays blogging is done the most in WordPress.

How to do SEO?

As you have already known, there are two types of search engine optimization and search engine optimization is done in both these ways.

On-Page SEO

Every method that we do for search engine optimization inside our blog is called On-Page SEO.

This means that from the design and speed optimization of our blog to publishing the post, we do all the work such as using a responsive theme which is mobile friendly.

Writing good content that people like to read, in which there is every necessary information. The speed of the page should be good, the page should be opened in less time. Write a meta description for your blog.

Do keyword research before writing a post so that it ranks the post in search engines. Placement of keywords in the required places such as Title, Permalink and Meta description.

Properly placing the density of the keyword in the content. Doing internal and external linking, all these come under On-Page. With this, Google easily ranks our blog in the search results and we get good organic traffic.

Here we will talk about On Page SEO in brief, but if you want to read in full detail on this topic, then you can read from here. In which we have written complete information about it in simple words. So let’s understand the main points of this.

See friends, now you have to read every point very carefully because here I am giving all the information based on my personal experience, which will definitely help you to do SEO well. By reading the post till the end, you will also become an expert in ranking your post.

When you prepare a post with good planning, then the post content will also become the best and it will also be easy to rank.

Doing Proper Keyword Research:

I have given place to keyword research here in the first point itself because this is the beginning of writing a post. Those who are new bloggers do not pay attention to keyword research.

If I am right then you also do not pay attention to keyword research that is why your post is not ranking. There is no use of writing a post without keyword research, just understand that without it you are just wasting time. So how to do this? Here I am just telling you my steps, which you follow, you will definitely get success. You should prepare a list about your interested topics, on which topic you have to write.

Then select only one topic at a time and create a new file for it in Notepad or Wordpad. Now we have to find the keywords of this one topic. Friends, in today’s time, do not pay attention to the head keyword at all, rather it is necessary to search the long-tail keyword of that keyword.

The most important in this are LSI keywords. When you search a query on a topic in Google’s search box, before writing it completely, you will see that there are more lines in the bottom and Google will start showing you by guessing. We can use these automatic keywords as long-tail.

Practical Example:

Suppose I have a special and greeting website and we want to write a post on Happy Birthday Wishes. So if we write a post here only on this keyword, then it will be very difficult to rank the post because the search volume is very high on it and the competition is equally tough.

Here we will use long tail keywords like I have extracted such keywords here.

  • Happy Birthday wishes for brother
  • happy birthday wishes for brother
  • Heart touching birthday wishes for brother

If we write here on the birthday of the brother, then we can use it by removing 3-4 similar long-tail keywords. In these, the keyword on which the competition will be less, the same will be used as the main ie focus keyword.

Note: New bloggers see high traffic and select keywords and use them. Trust me your post will never rank. You see how much is that keyword competition.

The higher the volume of the keyword, the higher the competition. If you understand this line of mine, then you will definitely be successful in keyword research. The more work the volume of the keyword, the easier it will be to estimate its competition.

1. Post Title

When we are done by doing keyword research, then we also put the same keyword in the post title on which target keyword you want to rank the post. But if the target’s competition is still looking very high, then it will be right to use only low competition keywords as the main keywords.

To write the best title for your article, definitely read our article on how to write the post title because you will get a lot of benefit from it.

2. Permalink

Whatever is the URL of our post, it is necessary to use the main keyword there. Always keep in mind that never put stop words like (am,is,are,on) in the post permalink.

Also, never use such words in the post permalink which ever needs to be changed. The shorter the URL, the better.

3. Meta Description

On the basis of which you plan to rank the post, put those keywords in the description of your post.

The point to be noted here is that keeping in mind only Google, do not write the description in such a way that it does not make any sense, rather write it in such a way that people cannot remain without opening the post as soon as they see it.

To know how to write the best and attractive description in your post, definitely read our article How to Write Meta Description.

4. Keyword Density

It is very important to use the right number of keywords in the right place inside the post. Using the keywords over and over again and again is called keyword stuffing.

By doing this, Google will not give ranking but will drop it down in ranking. That is why use as few keywords as possible. Make sure to use keywords in the first paragraph and last paragraph.

Apart from this, definitely use keywords in the heading and use the keywords inside the content as per the requirement. Use them as naturally as possible, do not forcefully use them anywhere.


Never let the density exceed 2.5%. This means that if you are writing a post of 1000 words, then you can use your keyword 25 times, but if I believe, keep it between 1.5%-2.5%.

5. Proper use of Headings( H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6)

Be sure to use your chosen focus phrase in the heading. Whenever you write your post, do not use H1 because the title of the post is H1, so use H2, H3, H4… etc.

If you know about the LSI keyword, then also know that LSI must be used in Heading 3 also.

6. Image Optimization

Image optimization is very important for 2 things.

First of all, its size should be less because the higher the size of the image, it will increase the loading time of the page, so compress the image and also use your keyword in the alt attribute in the image.

7. Internal Linking

You must also add the link of the post related to the post you are writing so that people can easily understand the topic. With this, visitors will read your other posts and you can increase user engagement.

Also, it is very important for other posts as well, which helps Google in ranking for that.

By adding a link to a new post in the post which is already ranked, you can easily rank it without creating any backlink i.e. even having zero backlink.

8. External Linking

Must add at least one external link that represents that topic. And he can get information from there for reference.

9. Page Speed

According to Google, if a page is taking more than 3 seconds to load, then it is very difficult to rank that page. Use a good and light weight fast theme in your website which makes load time work.

You should use cloud hosting for good speed like Digital Ocean, Linode etc because their plans start from $5 which is in the budget for a Hindi blogger.

10. Social Signals

Do share your post on social sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The ranking of these social sites is very good, when any visitor comes from there, then Google gets a positive signal for that post, which improves the ranking of that post.

11. Attaching a related video

Make a good video on the post because people nowadays like to watch videos more than reading. With this, you can explain the same topic through video to people who do not like to read much.

Off-Page SEO:

After publishing the post, we use the optimization techniques to rank it, we call it Off-Page SEO.

In Off-Page Optimization, we do Search Engine Submission, Web Directory Submission, Social Media Sites, Discussion Forums, Blog Commenting, Backlinks Creation and Guest Post.

Now that you have learned about Search Engine Optimization, then you must have understood its importance and why it is important.

Let us get some information about those techniques, which help us in ranking the post and which are also very important.

1. Guest Post

I believe that the best way to create backlinks is to write a guest post on another similar website. When you write a guest post for a website with a good high DA and PA, you get a do-follow backlink which increases the authority of your domain.

Its second advantage is that when you write on a big website, people start recognizing you there and also visit your website. This gives you that traffic.

2. Backlinks

When the link of any post or homepage of your website is added to another website, then a returning link is received by your website which is called backlink. Backlink is a very important thing to increase DA.

But never make backlinks indiscriminately. Create backlinks naturally by writing guest posts and discussing in the forum and try to make backlinks according to the bottom of your site.

3. Discussion Sites

You must have heard the name of Quora, people put their questions in it and experts answer the questions.

When he writes an answer, he also gives a reference link as per the requirement. In this way they also get traffic from Quora through this.

4. Forum Submission

You must create your account in the forum because you have 2 advantages: because of this, you will get experts in the forum who will increase your technical knowledge and help you as well as you get Do-follow Backlink by joining the forum.

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Local SEO:

Knowing Local SEO in brief, the techniques by which we optimize our website for the people of the local area and then rank it in the search engine is called Local SEO.

By the way, if we talk about the website, then the website gives us a chance to target the people of the whole world, then you must be thinking that why would we leave the whole world and target only a few local people?

The answer is that if you have a business and your target audience is people around the same area, then moving towards local SEO can be of great benefit to you.

Today the world is developing a lot and people search for everything through smartphones, even now people sitting at home buy almost everything. People nowadays also do such searches in Google such as:

  • “Best restaurants near me”
  • “Nearest ATM”
  • “Nearest Movie Theater”

Now the matter arises here that if Google Map is used for this purpose, then what will be the benefit of local SEO? So you should understand very well that Google Maps is not able to give accurate information in many places even today. The point is that you know your area very well and at the same time you know the street, where it is and which is the shop or the store.

Suppose I live in Ranchi, Jharkhand, then I will cover only Ranchi here and gradually I will write the details of every shop about the whole city, which sector is in which shop. Believe me, in as much detail as I or you can write about the shop and business of your area, it will not be available on the internet at all.

In this way it is very easy to rank in Google. The number of smartphone users is increasing a lot and people have started preferring to search by speaking instead of searching by typing. In such a situation, how will they search, you yourself test it once how you will search:

  • Cloth Store Near Firayalal Chowk Ranchi
  • Sweets Shop In Harmu Ranchi

If you want to do something new in blogging, then definitely try Local SEO and tell others that there is still a lot to do in this.

In short:

Search Engine Optimization is such a technique without which the blog does not exist. How the search engine works and how it is important for every blogger to be aware of it.

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