What is Digitalocean and how to buy hosting from it?

What is Digitalocean: Friends, do you want to know what Digital Ocean is and how to buy hosting from it? If yes, then this post is for you only because in this post I will tell you how you can buy Digital Ocean Hosting for your website. If you want to set up hosting of your blog in the best VPS (Virtual Private Server) then this post is of your use. Here I will tell you in detail about the hosting of Digital Ocean and with this you can also increase the speed of your website. Digital Ocean provides the best and cheapest VPS hosting at the moment.

In this post I will tell you the complete process about buying cloud hosting from Digital Ocean. Along with this, I will also tell you how to create a Digital Ocean Droplet. If you want to use its hosting for free for 2 months, then follow this process completely.

If you follow this process step by step, then only you will get 100 $ account credit for free. With this you can use free hosting in Digital Ocean for 2 months.

What is Digitalocean?

Digital Ocean is a cloud hosting provider company. It uses a virtual private server for hosting. Virtual Private Server works just like a physical server, over which you have all the control. ( What is Digitalocean )

You can control and manage Digital Ocean’s server according to your own. It provides VPS hosting service at a very cheap price. In this, you get plans from $5 to $960 for VPS hosting, you can choose a VPS hosting server plan according to the capacity and traffic of your blog.

This is a unique hosting provider company. Because it gives private servers to its customers, so that you have the right to have full control over the server. Although it is a virtual server, they work exactly as a physical server.

By hosting a blog in this way, you can reduce the speed of your blog in less than 1 second.

Special Features of Digitalocean:

  • As a virtual private server, you get full control of the server.
  • With this the speed of your blog will be like light.
  • This cloud server gives you 99.99% uptime.

How to buy hosting from Digitalocean?

Step 1. Register & Get 100$ Credit For Free

First of all you have to create your account in Digital Ocean. To create an account, click on the link given below, its page will open, signup there. If you sign up by clicking this button, then only you will get 100$ as credit.

Step 2. Confirmation of Account

When you sign up, you will get a confirmation mail. Open Confirmation mail and confirm your account. As soon as you confirm the account, you will go to the homepage of Digital Ocean.

In this page of Digital Ocean, you will get the option of verification. In which you have to add your credit / debit card. As soon as you add your card, then free 100 $ will be credited to your account.

Step 3. Billing information

Next you have to fill the information by going to Billing information. In this you have to fill up your address, postal code. Here 2 options are given to make bill payment.

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • PayPal

Step 4. Enable 2 Months Free Cloud Hosting

When you add the card details, at the same time you get 100$ credited to Digital Ocean’s account and it is ready to use.

With $100 in credit, you can enable 2 months of cloud hosting. Now if you follow it completely as described in this process, then you will easily understand how to enable hosting for 2 months using 100$.

Follow the Process:

  • On the left side of the homepage, on the top side of Dashboard, you will find the option of Droplets. You have to click on it. After this click on Create a new Droplet.
  • After clicking on Create Droplet, the next page will open, on which you will get the option of Choose a Size. That is, you can select the plan here according to the needs of your site.
  • The 5 $ plan is the best for beginners. In this way, you get 2 months validity by selecting the 5 $ plan absolutely for free. In this 5 $ plan you will get 1 Gb RAM, 25 Gb SSD Disk and 1 Tb transfer data.
  • But if you are a regular blogger then you can choose a better plan than this. If you want, you can select the 100 $ plan and use it. In the 100 $ plan, you will get 2 Gb RAM, 50 Gb SSD Disk and 2 Tb transfer data.
  • You can easily install using the One Click Apps method.
  • When you buy back the hosting server, you will get a referral link. If your friends or other bloggers create an account in the digital ocean from a referral  link, then you will also get its referral amount.

In this way, you can pay the bill of your server with the credit earned from the referral link of your digital ocean.

The next option in the option to create Digital Ocean Droplets is Add Block storage. Well you do not need this option.

5. Choose Data Region

After the backup option, the next option is which location you want to select for the server. The closer the Digital Ocean server and the user are to each other, the better the performance will be. Bangalore cloud server is best for Indian bloggers.

6. Select Additional Options

If you have selected DigitalOcean cloud server location, then now you have to configure some additional options as well. Enable the options from these additional features according to your need.

(a) Private Networking: By using this you can make Droplet’s server private.

(b) IPv6: If you need, you can enable it by ticking IPv6.

(c) User data: You can enable this to keep taking continuous data of user metadata from Digital Ocean server.

(d) Monitoring: You will get notification of any problem related to Droplet cloud server by monitoring.

7. Add Your SSH Keys

SSH keys are used to secure the operating system running Unsecured Network. SSH keys mean Secure Shell which uses a cryptographic network protocol. You will have to generate a new SSH Key for Droplet, for this you click on New SSH Key.

SSH Key Generation is optional i.e. even if you do not use it, you can still manage the digital ocean cloud server.

8. Finalize and Create

This is the final step to create Digital Ocean Droplet. Here you have to do 2 important things.

(a) Droplet Name: Now you can name the droplet as per your wish.

(b) Click On Create: Finally you click on Create. Now your bus will be ready to become a droplet server in 55 seconds.

Now copy the IP address of your droplet and save it in wordpad or notepad. This will come in handy at the time of login to your Droplet server.

9. Login Method

There are 2 ways to login to Droplet.

(a) Without Use of SSH Key

If you have not added an SSH Key then DigitalOcean will send login details to your email address.

(b) Using SSH Key

If you have used an SSH key then you can login using ‘root’ in username. For this you have to install Putty in your Windows system. You have to generate an SSH Key from Puttygen.

After this you can login to your Droplet server using SSH key.

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In short

Buying a Cloud Hosting Hosting a website is not an easy task at all but it is not impossible either. To make this difficult task easier, we have explained in this blog the process of setting up a website on a cloud server like Digital Ocean.

Friends, what is this post What is Digitalocean and how did you like it to buy hosting. I hope you have understood through this post how cloud hosting is completely different from shared hosting and how you can set up your own website on a VPS hosting server.