What is Ezoic and why is it better at earning more than Adsense?

Do you know what Ezoic is and how it is a source of earning like Adsense? If the CPC of your Adsense is very low and you are able to earn less than what you should be earning from your Adsense account while your website gets very good traffic then do not worry, in this article we will give you information about an Ezoic platform. Which can really increase your earnings by 50-200% i.e. up to double.

Through this article, we are going to give you various information related to the Ezoic platform, which is a certified partner of Google and also shows advertisements of other advertising companies along with Google on your website. This is the reason why it really increases your earnings.

Still you are not able to understand this thing very well, then stay with this article till the end because we are going to give you all kinds of detailed information related to it through this which will definitely prove to be very beneficial for you. Going to do.

Introduction to Ezoic:

Ezoic is an easy-to-use interactive platform that automatically adjusts any website. This platform gives the power to every blogger to optimize his website well and show ads to his visitors with better site content as well as earn a lot of money.

The first choice of all bloggers is Google Adsense, after taking approval, its ad unit has to be installed in their website. Our earning starts through this advertisement with good traffic.

With this dream, every day new bloggers step into the world of blogging and after working for some time, traffic also starts coming.  Trust me, this platform earns you a lot better than Google Adsense, apart from this, you neither need to place the ad unit of advertising on your site nor need to take any kind of tension.

You do all these tasks yourself with the help of artificial intelligence, with the help of which ad testers show each ad to the visitor in different places and thus the testing continues.

You have to be patient as it takes time and it takes 2 to 3 months for Ezoic to optimize website earnings properly. But you will see that every month your earnings will increase.

That is why I will tell you that it is worth trying this Ezoic once. With the help of the link given below, you can connect to this medicine and after signing up, you can integrate it in your website, if you face any kind of problem then you can contact their support and their support The team will fully assist you with the setup.

How does Ezoic work?

In the initial phase, when this platform came in front of us, after integrating it, the speed of the website used to decrease a lot, due to which we used to use Google Adsense again.

I share my experience with you that I had integrated one of my websites with this bike in 2019 and used its advertisements. At that time the speed of my website was very low but today it has improved a lot.

Under this, many types of features have been added which make the part of your website very good. Every blogger using Google Adsense has to use different types of plugins in his WordPress website, in which Caching + Ads placement + CDN + CSS, JS, HTML Minification are prominent. If you use this platform then you will not need to use any of these.

It uses its own CDN as soon as a blogger integrates their website with it. They store the entire website in their CDN and serve pages to the visitor from there. Apart from this, its Site Speed ​​Accelerator is the best feature which fully contributes to increasing the speed of the website. More recently, its name has been changed to Ezoic Leap.

As we all know that Google has already announced that core web vitals are going to be updated within the month of June. Keeping this in mind, Ezoic Leap has been launched. With the help of which every blogger will be able to take his page speed to 90+.

No matter what type of advertising you use on your website, even if it is Google Adsense, its Javascript reduces the speed significantly. Apart from this, you have to use different types of paid plugins like WP-Rocket, Autoptimize, W3 Total Cache etc. Even after this, CDN has to be used to get good speed and for this also money has to be paid.

Ezoic provides all these features absolutely free of cost and you do not face any problem in achieving a 90+ score on mobile/desktop as well as running ads which will help you to increase your earnings by testing based on Artificial Intelligence help.

You do not have to do all these settings yourself, rather the support team helps you in this and if you want, they will do all the settings themselves.

Best Features of Ezoic:

Think once and see that I wish there was a friend who would help you and tell you:

  • Where to place the ad for the site.
  • Also tell which size ad unit is to be installed.
  • Which advertiser is beneficial for you?

This will save you from a lot of troubles and will also help you in earning good money.

As of now, this platform is working with 50K+ sites. The websites that are working with them have increased their earnings by 100-200%. So why don’t you try using it once, I would definitely advise you to try using it for a few months. Its optimization takes some time but the result will be in front of you and you will also be surprised.

Let us now get a little information about its best features:


It is an advertisement serving network like Google Adsense but it does not show its own advertisement but from other advertisers to blogs and websites. The biggest reason for the publisher to choose this network is to monetize your website, in the same way that any publisher monetizes his blog through Google Adsense.

Why don’t you also check the Ezoic Platform yourself.

Automate intelligent optimizations:

Google Adsense is used by every publisher, but after all, why this platform is becoming popular among people, you would definitely like to know.

This platform uses artificial intelligence to show advertisements on each page, which decides which visitors to show which advertisements, so that the user interface is better and the publisher’s earnings also increase.

Site Speed:

Since the launch of this platform, initially many publishers used it, but when they saw their page speed, they got away from this platform and started using Adsense again, the reason being that at that time this platform was making the website very difficult. Used to be slow but now it is not so.

This platform has been prepared due to the arrival of Google’s Page Experience update and for this they have brought their own Ezoic Leap which is not completely available for every publisher but is started for those who request. You can place a request for it from here.

We guarantee that you will not need any caching plugin after coming to this platform nor will you need any kind of caching plugin to perform minification.

Without all this, only this platform itself will take the speed of your site to 90 plus.

Ezoic Leap:

The Sites Speed ​​Accelerator feature has been renamed to Ezoic Leap. Its most important thing is that now it will be completely free, that is, whoever uses the advertisements of this platform on their website, this feature will be absolutely free for them.

It will have all the features that will help you pass Core Web Vitals.

Whatever ads will be served in it will be completely Core Web Vitals friendly.

If you are using this platform, then to enable this feature, you will have to fill up a form under which you will have to enter your email address and the URL of your site, after that this option will be visible to you.

Ad Media:

If you want to bid on your site’s ad inventory and get good revenue ads from your other advertisers as well, then this platform does exactly the same thing for you.

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Through this article, we told you how to go about this and how it works. If you do blogging and use Adsense, then you will know how to earn in blogging and also optimize Adsense by yourself. It is a very difficult task which can be done by an expert only.

Through the article, we have talked about the platform, which does all kinds of optimization with the help of its artificial intelligence, which also increases the earnings. Apart from this, there is also a great feature available to increase the speed of the site.

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