How to learn blogging|8 Ways to make money from it

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to talk about the best skills of the digital world. Today we will talk about “how to learn blogging” not only how to learn blogging and how to earn money from blogging. Blogging is such a skill that you will have to spend some time to learn it, but when you start earning from it, it will be more than your hard work, all you need is your patience and concentration.

So do you want to do something new in your life by learning blogging? Friends, if you want to do something new by being different from the crowd, then you have to take steps today because in today’s article we are going to tell you such things which you have brought in your life, then you have to do it. Earn money and skills from blogging. No one can stop you from moving forward in the world.

How to learn blogging and earn money from it? As far as learning blogging and earning money is concerned, then you should keep one thing in mind that you watch as many videos as you want related to blogging, take blogging courses and even if you take the advice of a blogger, but as long as you are practical. You will not get success in blogging unless you take action. This is because learning blogging requires more practical knowledge and action than knowledge, because when we start our own blog then there are many problems in it and we have to fix it by taking knowledge from here and there.

So if you are ready to learn blogging and give your time in it then just read this article till the end.

How to Learn Blogging?

Block is a type of website where you get many types of information according to your search. So the information that you are getting from where it is called block post and blog posts are written on a variety of other topics in a blog and website. As you are reading this blog of ours, then this is a type of blog post in which you are being told about this topic of how to learn blogging.

If you go to the home page of this block of ours, then you will find many types of blog posts there. All these blog posts are available on our website So you can also create a blog like this, which we call blogging.

But how are blogs like these created? So if you learn to make a blog, then you understand that you have learned blogging. So let us now know which chapters are included in the blogging syllabus. If you want to learn blogging then you have to know all these things which are as follows:

Although here we will only talk about how to learn blogging and how people earn money from blogging, so what has to be done in the initial stages to learn it, all those things are discussed below.

Learn content writing for Blogging:

The first and most important chapter to learn blogging skills is content writing. Without knowing content writing, you will never be able to learn blogging. To learn blogging, it is very important for you to know content writing. If you do not know about content writing, then definitely read this given article.

It is important to learn content writing because without writing the article, you will not be able to publish any information on your block and as far as blogging is concerned, it completely rests on article or content writing.

 To understand it with an example, it is like that if you want to make a YouTube channel, but you do not know how to make a video contact, then you will never be able to make videos public on YouTube. So for this you should know how to make video contact and video editing, in the same way you should be able to blog and write content on your blog.

Learn how to create a blog for free for blogging:

If you are a student, you do not have enough money that you can take the risk of doing it somewhere, then you can start learning blogging by creating your own blog directly from Google’s free blogging platform. To create a blog for free, you first go to, register with your email and after that you keep publishing something by writing something on your blog post.

Learn how to create a blog on wordpress for blogging:

If you have a little money to invest, then you can buy hosting and learn how to create a blog by installing your WordPress. WordPress is one of the best and best platforms to learn blogging because so many blogs are seen, most of the blogs are built on WordPress.

You can take the help of YouTube videos to learn how to make a blog on WordPress because it is a bit difficult to explain through photos. If you have taken complete knowledge of WordPress then you will become an expert in blogging.

Learn SEO for Blogging:

SEO is the most important role in blogging because without learning SEO you will never be able to earn money from the blog. This is because without SEO your blog will never come in the top page of Google. Learning SEO is a bit difficult because it is a big topic in itself, but for a blog, you have to learn its basic knowledge.

There are two parts of SEO from which you need to learn the most, without this your blog is incomplete:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

If you learn these two SEO parts, then you can create any blog and get traffic to your blog from Google’s top search result.

8 Ways to earn money from Blogging:

If we understood all the things and also learned to make a blog, then now how will we earn money from the blog? After learning blogging, you can earn money by writing articles on different topics and taking organic traffic to your blog from Google search engine with the help of SEO. But for this, you will have to get Adsense approval on your blog so that ads will start appearing on your blog and website, then whenever a visitor opens your blog, they will see those ads from which you will get head impressions and click money.

There are many other ways to earn money from blogging but this is the best way to earn money from Adsense. Apart from Adsense, you can on your blog:

  • You can earn money by sponsoring.
  • You can earn money by doing affiliate marketing.
  • You can earn money by guest posting.
  • You can earn money by selling backlinks.
  • You can earn money by giving SEO services.
  • You can earn money by blogging for others.
  • You can earn money by selling blogs.

Meaning if you become an expert in blogging skills, then many avenues are opened for you to earn money from blogging, but to reach here, you will have to invest your precious time, only then you will be able to reach here on the ladder of success. For this, you will have to keep learning something related to regular blogging from where you get knowledge.


We learned how to blog in this article and how to earn money from blogging. I have only said that in learning blogging, all these chapters have to be understood and learned. Now if you want to start taking knowledge first or if you follow our opinion, then you can start your blog early and keep publishing blocks by writing on the topics you want and keep watching together.

If you do this then you will learn blogging very soon with practical knowledge. Whereas to learn blogging, more practical knowledge is required than bookish knowledge. If work is done properly and honestly for 6 to 12 months on any blog, then it will definitely start earning money from the blog. If you like this article, then follow kaisekare for upcoming post.

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